Setup ServoStick on ArcadeSD card

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Setup ServoStick on ArcadeSD card

Post by LodeRunner » Thu May 02, 2013 10:40 pm

Respost from Arcade Museum:
A couple of people asked me to write up how I got my ServoStik to work with the auto 4way/8way switching on the ArcadeSD.

1. A relay is required. I bought a Radio Shack 275-240.
2. Go into the set up menu of the ArcadeSD. Under the menu item Cabinet Settings - CoinMeter: Change to joystick 4-8 way select
Connect the ServoStick to a PC running Windows using the USB cable supplied with the ServoStick.
3. Download the ServoStick application from
4. Run ServoStick.exe. Chose the option Change To Hardware Mode. (WARNING: This step is not reversible. You will not be able to later use the board with MAME)
5. Clip off the end of the USB cable that you would normally plug in the PC port. Strip off the green, white, and black wires inside the USB cable
6. You will note that there are five pins on the Radio Shack relay. (See this diagram created by Clay The green, white, and black wires mentioned in his diagram are the ones contained in the USB cable that you stripped in step 5. The red wire shown needs is a 5 volt power source. I tapped into the power supply that powers the ArcadeSD. The "Coin Count" shown is to be connected to "J" on your Jamma Harness. The location of this is shown in the ArcadeSD manual. It is to the right of the key if you are looking at the solder side of the ArcadeSD. Note: My harness did not have a wire at J. I added one. I made all of the wire connections to the Radio Shack Relay by soldering.
7. Assemble the ServoStik as shown here The black wire shown needs to be connected to ground on your power supply and the red wire to 5V.
8. Mount the ServoStik in your control panel and plug the USB cable into the ServoStik board.
9. Start your machine and select an 8 way game to confirm that the ServoStick is working correctly. Next select a 4 way game to confirm that it moves back to 4 way.

There was one additional issue that I had to deal with. Even though the ServoStik adjusted correctly based on the game selected, the 4way/8way functions did not initially mechanically function properly. I had to bend the actuators as described in this thread,130447
It then worked perfectly.

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Re: Setup ServoStick on ArcadeSD card

Post by Declan Fossey » Tue Jun 30, 2020 9:24 pm

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