Round Pipe Welding Machine factory

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Round Pipe Welding Machine factory

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automatic round pipe welding machine/line
Automatic round pipe welding machine can be reached high precision and high speed. Within suitable range of pipe diameter and wall thickness, pipe production speed can be adjusted.
round pipe welding machine of technique flow chart
Uncoiling-> Material accumulating-> Leveling-> Forming-> High-frequency welding-> Deburring-> Cooling-> Sizing-> Straightening-> Flying saw cutting -> Discharging

round pipe welding machine of technique data (TY89):
1.Coil thickness: 1.2-4.0mm
2.Producing pipe size: Ф35mm-Ф102mm
3.Line speed: 0-80m/min
round pipe welding machine of General technical specification
Raw material requirements
☆Material: Hot rolling or cold rolling steel
☆Tensile strength: σb≤600Mpa
☆Yield point: σs≤315MPa
☆Coil width: 110~325mm
☆Coil outer diameter: Max. Φ1600mm
☆Coil inner diameter: Φ508mm
round pipe welding machine of Suzhou Tianyuan
Q: Stainless steel industrial pipe and sanitary pipe are produced in addition to polishing and non polishing. Are other processes the same?
A: The two are not the same, there is no industrial welded pipe heat treatment or heat treatment, in the weld or leveling, pickling, or bright annealing, according to the specific standard, are generally delivered according to design or procurement requirements. And polishing. The wall thickness is generally designed according to the actual requirements of pressure rating the proposed low pressure liquid delivery or high pressure thick wall pipe.
There are sanitary pipe heat treatment of this piece, but also can not heat treatment, then heat treatment will be slightly better, but the naked eye is invisible, to remove the inner welding bead, and then polished it. General mechanical polishing can only reach 300#. The inside and outside polishing can be slightly lighter point.

Round Pipe Welding Machine factory
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