July 2013 Update (v1.10.0 Released)

Latest news on next firmware update.
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July 2013 Update (v1.10.0 Released)

Post by Happswitch » Wed Jul 17, 2013 6:55 am

Merry Christmas!!

And what a sweet Christmas it is. For those of us waiting for 1942, it's about as good as getting a Red Ryder BB Gun. Now, don't go shooting your eye out...

Detailed update Dec 17, 2013 from Boatdrinks:
v1.10.0 has been released!

New Games:
1942 Super Charger

Bug Fixes:
Wizard of Wor control problems
Qix control problems in single game mode

I've updated my site at:

And some additional notes from Clay:
The MAME 1942.zip ROM set is used for 1942. The "Super Charger" version requires the same 1942.zip ROM set as well. I don't think I ever remember seeing "1942 Super Charger" in MAME or online anywhere, but I had dumped a set off of a board I have back a decade or so ago. It's kinda neat-- adds auto fire, faster bullets, faster player movement, some different sounds, different level progression, etc. It also gets rid of that annoying 'whistle' sound effect in 1942, although it does replace it with an 'engine sound' in the background if you aren't firing (which is almost as obnoxious).

Everything should be fully working, high scores as well. Have fun, and Merry Christmas a little early...


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Via arcade-museum.com thread
Being that the July update is likely to be late (since Matt's been gone overseas for going on six weeks now) I thought it'd be a good time to announce something else that's good news...

We're going to bump up the "manufacturer's warranty" warranty on all the ArcadeSD's to one full year parts/labor. (Previously it had been 60 days to Phoenix Arcade, with a minimum of 30 days of that passed through for the customer.)

The new one-year warranty is retroactive to your original date of purchase.

Anyway, good for a little extra peace of mind for those of you that bought in the last 12 months. I hope to have some more info on the "July" (AKA, "hopefully some time in August") update soon.

Live fast, die last!

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