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The word formation can be interpreted as the way in which more than one learning takes place in harmony on a given plane. Certain formations, from sporting events to state meetings, grocery stores to economic data, represent the rhythm and order of life. The combination of price movements shaped within the life of the company and its adaptation under certain formations can help to form an opinion about the future of the market. It is quite natural that the market, which creates a specific reaction under certain conditions in the ordinary process, gives similar reactions when the same conditions occur at a different time. Based on this assumption, the general data that constitute the prices take certain forms and sometimes constitute the most valuable leading data for the investor. The investor who knows the formations and reads the graphs takes less risk when making investment decisions about the future.
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In this area of ​​our training series, we will examine the results of the combination of the candle sticks that constitute the price data. We will consider the name and the results of the form of the communities that have a previously defined appearance, based on a screenshot.
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When candlestick arrays, which do not mean anything at a glance, can be traced with careful and conscious eyes, it may be possible to capture clues from many formations. The ability to associate the formed shapes with the formations is generally related to the investor's point of view, and sometimes can be interpreted by people at different points of view. In order to be able to comment on the formation of the formation, it may be sufficient to evaluate the past prices on the graph and to evaluate the results. To be able to perceive formation of formations can be obtained with the ability of visual perspective gained in a short time. It is not necessary to expect a similar appearance formation to develop formation formation. Sometimes it is unfortunate to wait for a shape projection, lower level, or amplitude of the formation to conform to one-to-one definitions. The sufficiently formed similarity should be considered sufficient for the definition of the formation.

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